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CurbedWire: Beverly Office Building Renovation, Downtown's Ralphs Building For Sale

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BEVERLY BLVD: The aqua glass office trend, most recently seen in Hollywood, heads over to Beverly. The newbie is right down the block from the Beverly Center and according to the listing, 8322 Beverly Blvd is "a newly renovated Class A office building located near the heart of the West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Hollywood triangle. " The listing also mentions a new modern "a retail/café space." [CurbedStaff]

DOWNTOWN: Want to buy a Ralphs? We can't find the listing on CBRE's web site, but a leasing agent for the company confirms the Ralphs Supermarket and adjoining retail (Coffee Bean, etc) at 9th and Flower is on the market; the whole development had found a buyer, but then the sale fell apart. This development is separate than the Market Lofts project. UPDATE: Headline updated for clarity: The building, not the businesses are for sale; they will continue to lease. [CurbedStaff]