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Construction Watch: 333 Wilton Near Hancock Park

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Continuing on with the trend of small developments: Feast your eyes on 333 Wilton, a 12-unit project on the outskirts of Hancock Park (near Koreatown) that'll hit the market in two months. The sales rep says units range in size from 1,250-1,750 square feet and will be priced from $575,000-$775,000. Some of the larger units, like the one in the gallery, have four balconies. Checking out the web site, the development is really pushing the green theme. What's green about this? "The kitchen, the flooring, all of the systems are going to be considered green and energy efficient," the rep says. There you go. The web site also has some rather outdated-looking renderings; the actual building looks better.
· 333 Wilton [Official Site]