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New To Market: Hancock Park-Adjacent Solarium Sanctuary

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This house is all about the details. Sure, the pool is narrow and the living room looks like it can use a facelift and better lighting. But check out that solarium! And that crazy fireplace! And is that a footbridge over the pool? This 2-bedroom, 1.75-bath on Sycamore near Hancock Park was owned for 20 years by "designer Robert De Young [who] re-created this Spanish residence into an unparalleled lush compound consisting of rare & exotic trees & plants. He used elements such as quarried coral, onyx, teak and Brazilian woods." The listing also says the house was formerly owned by a celebrity. Property records indicate a previous seller listed as Janiculum Trust, which is apparently owned by Christopher Lloyd. Cost to live in Doc Brown's former abode: $1.3 million.
· 742 N Sycamore Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038 [Redfin]