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Rumblings & Bumblings: Solair's Retail and Kobe's Video Shoot

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We have two tough questions that need answers. Email your answers to us at or leave a comment. Please email us your questions for next week too. And if you have pics, send those along with your question.

1) Koreatown: A reader asks about the two story structure going up in front of the Solair Wilshire at Wilshire and Western, and whether any more of the retail spaces have been leased out. Anyone care to chime in. Starbucks, Pinkberry, Metro PCS rumors?

2) Downtown: BuildingSpotters and looky-loos must have some info. "I need to know where [the Kobe Bryant viral marketing video] was shot, but the agency that reps Nike isn't talking and neither is anyone else associated with Nike, Kobe, or Aston Martin... someone must have seen it being filmed on a rooftop during work one day, and I'm hoping to find them!