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Universal Fire Takes out King Kong, New York Street

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[image of fire via flickr user beast and bean]

The raging fire at Universal Studios this morning has taken out a chunk of the park, including two sets for the CBS show The Ghost Whisperer and the King Kong Exhibit, according to the fire department's latest press conference. The video vault building is currently on fire, however the fire dept says it's not the main vault and everything lost can be replaced. New York street was also destroyed. The fire chief has stated that despite not watching Desperate Housewives, he can state that the Wisteria Lane set was not affected. The theme park has pushed back its opening until noon. Story developing...
UPDATE: Los Angeles Times reports the fire has been contained to a half-acre area and that the theme park will not open today. The MTV Movie Awards, set to be held at the Gibson Amphitheater at Universal, are scheduled to go on.