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Stalkerazzi Suck! Or How Brangelina Ruined Bronson Canyon

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The boneheadedness of Los Angeles has finally hit home. A preferential parking district is being proposed for our neighborhood in Bronson Canyon which would restrict parking on Canyon Drive to the homeowners of the area, wiping out parking for renters like us. And why is this happening? The blame rests squarely upon the smooth, supple shoulders of Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, for the non-US Weekly readers). Actually, the blame rests on greedy homeowners who think they own the street and are using Brangelina as an excuse. Via

"After speaking with D.O.T. representative Brian Gallagher and field deputy Jullian Harris-Calvin from Councilman LaBonge's office, the residents of Canyon Drive are requesting this due to a heavy media presence (paparazzi) because of a high profile couple who own property in the area [ED: Brangelina are rumoured to own a house in the hood]. This couple is unaware of how their name is being used to further this parking plan. They are out of the country for an extended period of time at the moment and have been in another state for the last few months filming a movie."
A rep from another Council Office informed us that the Upright Citizens Brigade is also opposed to the PPD, as it will eliminate parking for area businesses along Franklin Avenue. Two meetings are being held next week where residents will have the chance to speak out against the PPD. We'll be there!
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