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Vermont Triangle Park: New Rendering, Ground Breaking Party!

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Proving even the smallest city projects are deserving of a party, a ground-breaking ceremony was held this morning for the Vermont Triangle park, the small patch of cement aka median island at Vermont and Hollywood undergoing a transformation. When finished by October, the $800,000 project will see improvements like landscaping, benches, and trash bins. Both Council President Eric Garcetti and Councilmember Tom LaBonge were on hand to talk up the project in front of a crowd of about 15-20 people. In his remarks, Garcetti called the project an instance of "urban acupuncture," i.e., small efforts made in the city. Yes, more urban acupuncture, please.

Official fact sheet from the Community ReDevelopment Agency:



Design and construction of streetscape elements along Vermont Avenue between the Vermont/Sunset Metro Rail station and Hollywood Boulevard, and improvement and possible expansion of a landscaped median island at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard, Vermont Avenue, and Prospect Avenue.

The Barnsdall Park Transit Oriented District Project was developed based upon extensive planning efforts in the Barnsdall Park and Los Feliz communities resulting in several plans that address community needs and design issues. The Project provides a design concept and includes funds for final design development and implementation.

1995. Barnsdall Park Master Plan

1989. Neighborhood improvement plan for Los Feliz by the Los Angeles Design Action Planning Team [LADAPT].


$552,000 Transportation Funds [1999 MTA Call for Projects]

$300,000 East HW/Bev-Norm. TI

$852,000 TOTAL

Barnsdall Triangle is part of a larger pedestrian improvement plan currently under development.

The streetscape improvements will include:

1. Installing pedestrian light fixtures. .

2. Increasing landscaping and visual.

3. Installing street furniture including bus benches, trash receptacles and path finding signs that better serve transit riders and pedestrian visitors.
· ConstructionWatch: Vermont Triangle Park in Los Feliz [Curbed LA]