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Curbed National: Frank Gehry Edits! Newest Prefab Look

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Curbed National is our weekly look at architecture and design happenings in other Curbed cities as reported by our sister blogs, Curbed NYC and Curbed SF.

1) New York: The city was all abuzz this week when new renderings emerged of the contentious Atlantic Yards mixed-use development in Brooklyn. Architect Frank Gehry's former "Miss Brooklyn" is gone and in its place: "B1 or Building 1, a shorter, radical remake of the glass tower that would have dominated Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues."

2) San Francisco:: Oakland-based architect/prefab maven Michelle Kaufmann has unveiled a new model and Curbed SF has all the glorious renderings. Built on grounds the Museum of Science and Industry, the "Solaire" is the newest sustainable modular home Michelle Kaufmann Designs. Cost: between $200 and $250 per square foot.