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Tejon Ranch Deal Reached, Centennial Likely Coming

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[Map via the web site for Centennial/Tejon Ranch development]
While it still needs to be approved by Los Angeles and Kern Counties, a plan has been hatched between conservationists and the developers of the Tejon Ranch land, located about 60 miles north of Los Angeles. Under the agreement, developers will build 26,000 homes, as well as hotels, condominiums and golf courses, but conserve more than 90 percent of the 270,000 acres, according to the Los Angeles Times. The big component of the developers' ambitious plan is a new "town," dubbed Centennial. According to the official web site for Tejon Ranch, Centennial will be a "master-planned self-sustaining new town proposed to address not just the region's housing needs, but also local needs -- from emergency services and health care to entertainment and recreational opportunities and jobs." It'll take 20-30 years to fully create this master plan, according to the New York Times, which likened Centennial to a real life version of "Sim City" in a 2007 article. A live webcast of Gov. Schwarzenegger's announcement about the deal will happen at 10:30 am.

Few details from the the Tejon Ranch/Centennial web site:

The 20-year phased plan will construct an average of 1,000 homes per year, with the first phase slated for late-2009.

Plan for Homes: 23,000 homes are planned, including:

* 12,800 single-family detached homes
* 6,200 attached condominiums and town homes
* 4,000 apartments

Plan for Jobs: More than 30,000 jobs are expected to be generated, from entry-level and summer work for teenagers to senior level executive positions. Employment opportunities may include:

* Research and development and other opportunities in Centennial’s business parks
* Retail and commercial services, including grocery, restaurants, entertainment, hotel, department stores and other large retailers such as home improvement stores, Best Buy, and Target
* Professional services, including financial services, education, medical and dental care

Plan for Schools and Services: Community services will include eight elementary schools, two high schools, higher education facilities, a library, three fire stations, a sheriff station, two water recycling plants, two transit centers and a community transit system.
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