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Bowels Trump Subway

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Earlier this week, a poll asked what city project was most in need of billionaire benefactor Eli Broad's dollars. Hands down winner: Subway to the Sea. Curbed sent a communique to the Broad Foundation, politely asking if anyone had considered buying the city a subway. After a lack of response, we now have one! A nice spokeswoman writes: "Transportation is indeed an issue in Southern California, and, in fact, there are numerous critical issues facing our city and our country. But the mission of The Broad Foundations is to advance entrepreneurship for the public good in education, science and the arts. [ED: Polar bears, leg muscles atrophying in traffic=Sciencey?] Mr. Broad has chosen to focus his philanthropy on improving K-12 urban education -- what he believes to be the most serious issue facing our country -- as well as on advancing scientific and medical research in the areas of human genomics, stem cell research and inflammatory bowel disease, fostering art appreciation for audiences worldwide, and supporting civic initiatives in Los Angeles." OK, so who do we hit up next? [Curbed InBox]