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Hollywood's Madrone HOA Dues Revealed!

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[Construction shot of the Madrone]

This week's news that mixed-use development Madrone had finally hit the MLS prompted the question: "What can one expect the HOA [home owner association] dues to be?" Ask and ye shall receive, gray box commenter. From Madrone's spokesperson: "Madrone's HOA dues range from $567 up to $781, and are based upon each residence’s square footage. To ease concerns for readers who may think those numbers are high, here is a sampling of the many services provided and maintained by the HOA..."

1. Landscape and building maintenance

2. Exclusive use and maintenance of pool and Jacuzzi

3. Community Lounge (including a full kitchen, dining table and sofas)

4. Outdoor fireside lounge

5. Poolside cabanas

6. Free Wi-Fi in the courtyard

7. Water

8. Trash

9. Cable Television

10. 24-hour security

11. Lobby w/ community attendant (during business hours)

12. Annual window washing service

13. Maintenance of public art display (curated by LAXART)

14. Dog Park/Run

15. BBQ grills