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CurbedWire: Cybernetic Beast, Speed Racer Ads, Nude Beach Down South!

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SILVER LAKE: "This cybernetic beast works with internet support like a receiver that projects information in public spaces. Since it can be transported to any place, viewers can experience its collected information in the context of different scenes." Ooh, sexy cybernetic beast. It's the work of artist Giacomo Casagnola, whose "traveling module" work hits design/architecture firm Materials & Applications on May 31. We really have no idea what we just wrote about. [Curbed InBox]

HOLLYWOOD: More Speed Racer! A reader has an update on the report of that crazy subway viral marketing thing at the Metro. "I think they're using a series of LCD screens to display an animated ad when the subway rolls past. I think this is the only spot they have it. I think they put this up on Monday." And here is the video of it. Boy, this thing is making people excited. And the link at Loft LA. [Curbed Inbox]

LA JOLLA : Hell, let's head south for a random CurbedWire MAD LIB edition. A reader writes: "This listing promotes that there is private access to Black’s Beach, which is a, well, nude beach. Surely their must be a funny post to be made out of this along the lines of “$39 million and all the ____ you can handle!”. I’ll leave it to you fill in the blank." [Curbed InBox]