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Real Estate Scammer

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The San Gabriel Valley Tribune has a story about Pardeep Singh, 30, a Glendale man who did very well for himself via a series of illegal activities, including offering fake rental home deals. For instance, he's accused of placing a Craigslist ad for a Calera Avenue home and signing leases with as many as 33 people, taking $2,400 from each person. He also is accused of selling fake timeshares in Vegas and Tennessee on Ebay under the name mforcex91801. But he also seemed to legitimately sell other items on Ebay, like pricey Creme De La Mer face cream and video games. A sampling of his reviews on Ebay: "A Little Shipping Error, but Overall Great! Very Professional & Friendly! A +++ (Import Mega Drive Sega Genesis Game). "SCAMMER!!! Bought Timeshare and have not received anything!" Singh is currently on the lam. [San Gabriel Valley Tribune]