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Picking at Old Wounds: The 105 Freeway

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Photographer Jeff Gates writes in about his new web site, In Our Path, which finally puts online his documentation of the construction and controversy of the 105 Freeway (from the beginning and the end), which cut through a swath of South LA displacing people and dividing a community. Good stuff, LA. Via the web site introduction:

"As I photographed I became acquainted with the history of this public project and with the people who lived within and along the Corridor. I also began to meet those who were building the freeway as well as those responsible for carrying out the stipulations of the court's Final Consent Decree... Originally scheduled to be completed by 1980, the Century Freeway finally opened in October of 1993. In 1990, after seeing In Our Path, Hall & Associates (the successor to the Center for Law in the Public Interest in the Century Freeway litigation and the firm which represented home owners in this case) commissioned me to rephotograph the freeway. I returned to the Corridor to see the changes that had occurred since I last photographed there and began to document the physical transformations as well as the effects of the court's Final Consent Decree." Yay, transportation!
· Photo Gallery [In Our Path]