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Stop Hollywood Construction, Bring Back Its Charm?

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Old-timey Hollywoodians are yearning for the days before the neighborhood was home to construction cranes and trendy bars, neglectfully skipping over the time of street toughs and drug dealers. (Additionally, crime in Hollywood is down 32 percent from 2003, according to the LAPD.) With ten megaprojects reshaping the neighborhood, won't somebody think about the residents trapped -- trapped -- in the Hills? Via the Los Angeles Times: "Between the traffic and parking difficulties, 'it's not much longer that we are going to be able to come down there,' said Hollywood Hills resident Daniel Savage." Other residents fret about all the development--$2 billion worth since 2003, another $1 billion coming--pushing out the starving actors, and the neighborhood losing its "economic diversity." So what's it gonna be, Hollywood? [Pictured: The forthcoming Columbia Square project.]
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Columbia Square

6121 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA