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Super Sale at Downtown Developments!

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[Pictured: Santee Village]

Desperate times, desperate measures? Downtown developments including South Park's Market Lofts and the Fashion District's Santee Village are throwing big bucks at buyers. Market Lofts--the one with the Ralphs downstairs--is now offering $50,000 to prospective owners if they purchase before May 10; that's Saturday. And Santee Village--which previously gave away Mini-Coopers--is giving away $60,000. Word on the street is that downtown buildings 2121 Lofts, 655 Hope, and The Roosevelt are also slashing and burning prices or giving away HOA dues. It's a buyer's market, baby; better strike while the iron's hot.

Market Lofts: The green can be used toward purchase price, closing costs, upgrades,or HOA dues, according to the Market website. Two-bedroom lofts at Market: mid $600,000s to the mid $800,000s. One bedroom lofts: mid $400,000s.

Santee Village: Dough is yours if you buy, and can be used in the same manner Market is offering. Santee's units are from 700-1200 square feet and go from the $400,000s to mid $700,000s. (Santee's website is a must-see, picture a 2001 Sex and the City episode.)
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