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CurbedWire: Blue on La Brea, Viridian on Miracle Mile

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LA BREA: So much blue! A mural painted on La Brea by artist Calen Neelon last weekend. And his show opens this weekend at the Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art. Via LAist: "Neelon uses leaves from beech trees. For Neelon, they are a symbol of strength and hope. 'The leaves, even in their deaths, are acting to preserve their own to come and keep that hope of the future going,' he says." [Curbed InBox]

MIRACLE MILE: Another day, another apartment opening up for leasing. Viridian, located at 5659 West 8th Street, and by the same developer as downtown's 717 Olympic, is now doing pre-leasing for summer move-ins. How excellent--the press release touts Ralphs before the designer stores. "Viridian's prime location in the heart of the Mile affords residents close proximity to the local Ralphs Grocery, entertainment industry (south of West Hollywood) and luxury designer shops (east of Beverly Hills)." [Curbed InBox]