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Los Feliz Preferential Parking Debate Renewed

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Los Feliz resident Dana Cremin is petitioning neighbors to support a preferential parking district, a policy that would cost residents $22.50/a year per car, reports the Los Feliz Ledger. Via the paper: "Under the terms of the proposed district, residents who live south of Los Feliz Boulevard and north of Hollywood Boulevard between Normandie and Vermont Avenues would have to buy permits to park in their neighborhoods. Cars parked without permits would be ticketed." Cremin, who fought for establishment of a district last year, believes parking is being cannibalized by visitors and this policy could "force the city to provide parking for all the businesses in the area.” Last year, Los Feliz residents overwhelmingly spoke out against the policy, saying it unfairly favored single-family homes over renters. But Cremin believes an incorrect map presented to locals may have influenced that decision.

Meanwhile, what does it take to get a parking policy like this considered? "Only 75 percent occupancy and 25 percent out-of-area vehicles on four blocks of a proposed district are required to qualify a neighborhood for a preferential parking district," according to the paper, quoting Dept. of Transportation’s Brian Gallagher. The last data for Los Feliz found that in a section of the neighborhood, "available parking spaces were, on average, 82 percent occupied, and upwards of 36 percent of those vehicles were determined to be from outside the community."
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