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CurbedWire: Mulholland House Peek, Dizzy on the Metro

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MULHOLLAND DRIVE: After reading about the Aldous Huxley residence for sale, a reader yesterday went and checked out the home, which is located 6233 Mulholland Hwy: "What I found out was that it went into escrow the first day. I walked by earlier today -- it's the very last house on the right before you head to the dog park -- and the gate was open, (and obviously no one's living there) so I took a peek; there's a reason it listed so low; it's an unremarkable 20's Spanish, pretty decrepit, nothing's been touched in forever, the windows were rotting, and at least half of the lot was a steep hill. I'd guess it needs pushing 1M worth of work. Still, it had this unmistakable Sunset Blvd vibe that was cool as hell. And also, there is not a single house anywhere with any view of it whatsoever. I would have bought it -- fixed up it's worth probably 4M at least. [Curbed InBox]

HOLLYWOOD: We hear this is all the rage at Heathrow, too. "I was on the ol' Metro this morning and the tunnel between the Hollywood/Highland and Universal City stations is now displaying the trailer for upcoming movie Speed Racer as the train rushes past. The sequence is created with a strobe-ish flip-book type of lighting that coincides with the speed of the train. It's pretty ingenious. Boston had a similar ad in the subway between Central and Harvard Squares a couple of years ago (but they were eventually removed, I think because of some problems with epilepsy)." [Curbed InBox]