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Windsor Village To Developers: Take Your Condos Elsewhere

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While Larchmont Village battles height limits, rent hikes, and food chains, angry Windsor Village residents have rallied and shot down two proposed condominium projects, reports the Larchmont Chronicle. First a three-story, 27-unit condominium building at 720- 742 S. Plymouth Blvd. was smacked down by the city's Design Review Board, while a three-story, 15-condo development at 751- 757 S. Windsor Blvd was blocked. According to the paper, the latter lots currently hold two 1920s homes that are the former residences of film star Mahlon Hamilton. Via the Chronicle: "'The defeat of both projects marks a major victory for Windsor Village,' wrote R.J. Strotz, co-chairman of the WVA committees on historic preservation, land use and zoning, in an e-mail to the Chronicle. 'Windsor Village might be small in size, but our soul and our power are gigantic,' she added." [Photo via LC]
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