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Curbed Inside: Larchmont Lofts On Melrose Avenue

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After numerous looks at the outside of Larchmont Lofts in Larchmont Village, now you get sweet, sweet entry. Located on Melrose Avenue--across the street and down the corner from Astro Burger--the three-story, 21-unit building is selling units priced from $750,000-$1.25 million. Most interesting detail: The corner units have very big balconies overlooking Melrose and sort of retractable wall contraption. The first unit pictured in the gallery is one of those corner units, a 1,280 square foot interior with 303 square feet balcony space. Similar corner units on the 3rd and 4th floors are available at $900,000 and $950,000, respectively, while the second unit in the gallery is a three-story townhouse. At 1,747 square feet and with 479 square feet of patio space, it's listed at $1.2 million. Downstairs, it looks like an art gallery has set up shop--nice!
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