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Landlords Could Soon Ban Smoking in Rental Units

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While opponents argue it's a move that would impact poor people, the California Senate voted yesterday to approve legislation allowing landlords to prohibit smoking in rental units. The legislation is part of a growing movement to ban smoking in California residential developments, and would allow landlords to even ban smokers from lighting up on their balconies or communal lawns/roofs. According to the Sacramento Bee, "Violating the ban would violate the rental agreement, allowing a landlord to issue a three-day notice to obey the ban or risk eviction." Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times notes that the Western Center on Law and Poverty is against this bill because the "proposal discriminates against the poor, the disabled and people of color, who smoke and rent at higher rates than other segments of the population." Presumably, some landlords wouldn't want to impose the ban in their developments. Next, the legislation heads to the Assembly.
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