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Wilshire/La Brea Project Shrinks, Sprouts Mohawk

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The Larchmont Chronicle drops the news that the quite large BRE mixed-use development proposed at Wilshire and La Brea has been scaled to seven stories after initial suggestions that the thing be a whopping 18 stories. Now it'll have a tidy 562 units, rather than the proposed 654. And people, we have a mohawk. BRE's David Powers, project manager on the development, tells Curbed the decision to scale back came after talks with locals and Councilman Tom LaBonge's office, and concerns about "traffic and density." As for that retail element, Power says he'd like to see restaurants and other resident-friendly services go in below the apartments. Restaurants as in a Subway and a Coffee Bean? No. "We'd love to have several high-end restaurants," said Powers. Dream a little dream, Wilshire. Next, more public meetings and the EIR process. [Images via Thomas Cox Architects. First two renderings are the new ones.]
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