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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: 5901 Center Construction Update and Buena Vista Is A No-Go

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Thank you for your responses. Please feel free to email us at if you have a question for next week. We'll also graciously accept your digital photos.

[Buena Vista Lofts, as we showed you in 2006]

1) Westchester: The 5-story green building at 5901 Center Drive designed by Gensler appears to be moving forward. We checked the property activity report at Building & Safety and the project is clearing conditions of approval at the moment (i.e. approvals for fire hydrant placement, driveway locations, drainage, grading, etc). Out of 31 items to be cleared, they have 12 left before construction begins in full.

2) Boyle Heights: The last we had heard, the developers of the Buena Vista Lofts were fighting bankruptcy way back in 2006. The project received approvals that year, but since then not a blip or bleep. The development's web site is still up, sort of, but is password protected beyond the first screen. However, through the magic of Google we were able to locate floor plans for the project, last updated in March 2007 [download as PDF]. More fascinating is an amazing photo set on flickr from user d rod, offering a look inside the Linda Vista Hospital from January 2008. He also writes this: "The lofts were to have been on the market as of April 2007. I initially went to this location to inquire about them. At the time, there was an office with marketing information. Since then, the office has long been dismantled and the architect’s plans were left in the building."

Howard Hughes Center

6060 Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90045