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ConstructionWatch: Carbon Beach's $3.2 Million Villas

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Rounding out our Malibu construction coverage, here are the latest shots/renderings of the Villas At Carbon Beach, recently referenced by the Los Angeles Times as part of that "marketing trends" story. Sales started last month; there are a total of 8 units--all are 3,200 square feet and start in $3.2 million, which is "comparatively cheap for the neighborhood," according to the Times. "Curvy" and "creamy" seems to be the theme. For longtime Angelenos who have yet to see the ocean, a native Malibuian explains the lay of the land out here. Location of these villas? "We refer to it as 'land side.' In the MLS Malibu is technically divided in to two areas- Malibu and Malibu Beach but we would just say Coast Highway land side." [First two images via reader Secret Agent]
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