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Ask Curbed: Is My Apartment Building Earthquake-Proof?

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All that talk about earthquakes has a reader wondering how he can find out if his building will survive the big one. Kudos for being responsible and curious. "Wondering if the readers could provide any insight on this topic. So earthquakes have been popping up in news headlines lately, many of which allude to some imminent monster of a quake to hit Los Angeles in the coming years. Kind of concerning for me, as I rent an apartment in an older, six-story, 1920s apartment in the Mid-Wilshire area. Even though my building has been renovated in the last few years, I know nothing about which building codes the building currently conforms with, or what if any seismic retrofit work has been done. All I know is that the charming brick detail that initially lured me to rent in this building is not so charming anymore...As a renter, I'm sure I have the right to know the extent to which my building can withstand an earthquake; but how do I find this out? The manager or landlord haven't been able to provide me satisfactory answers, so I'm willing to take a trip downtown to dig up more info. What questions do I ask? What documents do I seek?"
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