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CurbedWire: Downtown Tree Excitement, 5600 Wilshire, Westside Watch

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DOWNTOWN: Can we call this as a tree trend? A couple of week ago, a reader pointed out that new palms had been planted in front of the Glo building on Wilshire. They are pictured above. This arrival follows trees coming to 717 Olympic and LA Live's ESPN Center, and ficus trees (or just one tree) leaving 2nd and Los Angeles streets. Also, Blogdowntown notes new trees have arrived to the 9th and Main median. But those Glo palms: Weren't those dastardly palms banned from the city? [Curbed Staff]

MID-WILSHIRE: There is now a web site for 5600 Wilshire, yet another BRE project. The latest rendering reveals the building as having a more mustard hue than the original rendering. It's not clear if this is the final look. [Curbed Staff]

PALMS: We're informed the community web site Palms Village Sun is up and running again. A note on the site informs locals of two new watch groups: "Two new Watch organizations have been formed recently: In Westside Village, mostly among the homeowners of the Westside Village Civic Assn., and in Palms-east-of-Overland, mostly among the apartment areas of Vinton, Jasmine, Motor and Clarington Aves." Also, the "original" Palms–Westside Village Neighborhood Watch soldiers on, according to the site. [Curbed InBox]