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Construction Watch: Scientologists Remodel Malibu Nail Salon

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Those Scientologists sure are busy with their saws and tool belts: Following yesterday's post on construction on the church's Fountain Avenue headquarters, reader Secret Agent sends in the latest construction shots of the group's new building at 22467 Pacific Coast Hwy on Malibu. Goodbye, cuticle cutters and hello, thetans. "It used to be where Faith Valentine had a salon," writes SA. "Anyway, they must be remodeling the interior because it's been empty and workers can be seen doing things as you drive by...The outside looks the same as it was when it was a salon." The Scientology church locater on the group's official web site pegs the closest Malibu church as being in Simi Valley. UPDATE: A spokeswoman for Church of Scientology says this is a new mission. This will be completed in the next few weeks, and no, the group currently doesn't have a church in Malibu.
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