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The Catch: Showerless Studio Available for Dirty Artists on Anaheim

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What/Where: A shared 2,000 sq ft 1930's storefront studio in Long Beach.
Looks Good, Right?: "Young tenants...Very high ceilings, ample space, close to CSULB. You will have access to nearly half of it. Preferably a student artist because they would make the most of the space and appreciate it more." All that for just $600 per month.
The Catch: "No smoking, theres no gas hookup so theres no stove, and the catch: theres no shower, but you can do that at school. There is a bathroom and sink though, and this studio is great. " Yes, great. Just so long as you never need to smell Ivory clean or cook a meal. Hey, that's what hot plates and microwaves are for. The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Submissions to the tipline here.
· $600 Space for rent, preferably artist, East Anaheim [Craigslist]