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More on Weho's Habitat on the Park

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A follow up conversation with the broker for Habitat on the Park, yesterday's New to Market condos, filled in some of the details missing from the listing. There are 12 condominium and townhomes in the building, with prices ranging from $768,000 for a one-bedroom, one and a half-bath condo to $958,000 to $1,278,000 for two- to three-bedrooms (some with lofts), two-bath units. The developer has asked the brokers not to credit any architect "so as not to create conflict." We know Lorcan O'Herlihy did the acclaimed Habitat 825 and the currently-under-construction Habitat Formosa with another "pocket park." So is developer Richard Loring just playing politic?

The Habitat on the Park's, uh, park, like the upcoming Formosa, is open to the public as well as to residents. "There is a secured fence that is locked at night prohibiting public access. Park will be maintained and patrolled by the City of West Hollywood."
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