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Ficus Flashback: Let 'Em Live, Begs Downtowner

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"Stop killing." That's what that scrawl says on this flyer on a tree on 2nd Street. What's going on: There are about 12-15 trees on Los Angeles and 2nd streets with these "Notice" posters on them. A rep for the city's urban forestry division says developer Related, which is behind the nearby Block 8 project, requested the removal of seven trees for "driveway construction" on Los Angeles St., but the city's forestry division is recommending only one tree be removed. On Friday, the Board of Public Works Commissioners will decide the fate of these trees (likely just the one tree will be removed). Side note: Related is required to plant two trees for every one it removes. Now, whether the trees along 2nd St. (and the one with the note on it) are included in this Los Angeles St. plan (it would seem so)--and whether those trees are also ficus (they look slightly different)--is unclear.
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