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ListingsWire: Mid-Century Modern Returns, Echo Park Cabin, Santa Monica Shiny

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Each week ListingsWire mentions notable movements on the MLS: New listings, price chops, flips, and more. Spy movement? Email us.

HANCOCK PARK: And it's back. Last October, gossip queen Janet Charlton listed her David Hyun-designed, five-bedroom Hancock Park home for $2.995 million. Apparently it didn't find any takers at that price, because the mid-century modern home just hit the MLS again for $2.779 million. [Redfin]

ECHO PARK: Cue the banjos from "Deliverance." According to the listing you can "live in the 'country' yet be 5 minutes from downtown." But this is confusing: "Buyer cannot move in until May '09 but $2,400 rent will pay buyers mortgage. Inspection upon accepted offer." You're paying someone else's rent? What is this? Confused. [MLS]

SANTA MONICA: For those craving a modern look, a three-bedroom home designed by local architect Michael Folonis has hit the market. Located at 235 Ocean Park Boulevard, it's listed for $1.695 million. And look at that happy broker. Eager as a golden retriever. [Robert Radcliffe]
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