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LA's First Shipping Container Home Hits Market

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It's not on the MLS and it will go up on Value of Architecture/Deasy Penner & Partners' site tomorrow, but that under-construction container home by container guru Peter DeMaria has quietly hit the market for $2.695 million. While DeMaria did that Redondo Beach home, this is the first 2-story cargo container-based structural system and building permitted by the city of Los Angeles. It's located at 1309 Main Street in Venice. Woo-hoo! Soon we'll all be living in shipping containers.

The listing agent fills us in: "The building consists of two residential units above a commercial gallery. Employing recycled ISO cargo containers as the primary structural system, the building bears all as the cargo container doors are left intact on the entire south side of the building. The total number of containers is 14, with each floor composed of 7 containers. Within 8 hours, the entire middle floor was installed. The clients, A+U, embraced the container not only as a cost-saving technology, but also as an environmentally-conscious construction alternative - a recycled/redeployed method." More description on this project tomorrow.
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