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Rob Clark Somehow Manages To Draw A Very LA Crowd

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Last we checked, Rob Clark, that funnily-named 105-unit condominium building on Clark Drive (near 3rd St) was giving away $50 bills to strangers and throwing bathrobe parties (pictured), a move that has resulted in drawing such a hip, young crowd that the Los Angeles Times is saying this building is a "Melrose Place" come to life. "The condo conversion, which started selling units last August, is bursting with celebrity hairdressers and stylists, personal assistants to celebrities, actors (including Kathleen Quinlan, who bought a condo as a pied-a-terre) and -- according to management -- a member of a well-known rock band who shall remain nameless. And though you may not see gorgeous blonds having catfights in the halls, residents say the uncommon camaraderie among neighbors echoes the "Melrose Place" lifestyle." The larger story here is the marketing tricks used to lure buyers in this tight market--it seems that Rob Clark did pretty well by going employing a terrycloth strategy. There are eight units left, but per the developer, if you're a 42-year-old person with any web browser difficulties, you're too old to be living here.

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