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Prolific LA Tagger Busted By YouTube

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Note to aspiring taggers and graffiti artists: you may want to think twice about posting videos of your "work" on YouTube, lest the popo come knocking. After the jump, video footage of prolific LA tagger "Buket" (real name: Cyrus Yazdani) tagging the Melrose overpass above the 101 (watch as he defies death by scaling the overpass during daytime traffic). It turns out that among the 170,000 views the video has received, at least a few must have been by LA cops, since Buket has now been detained and is expected to be booked on multiple counts of vandalism. Via the paper: "The Internet, whether it's YouTube or social networking sites, is helping fuel a new explosion in graffiti tagging, albeit with editing and soundtracks. But investigators say it also is helping them build better cases against the vandals." We haven't seen anything this exciting on the 101 since the famous (in our mind) Freeway Schtupp.

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