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Dangerous Grass

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Drug Enforcement Agency officials have arrested the owner of six Southern California medical marijuana dispensaries following a horrific traffic accident, according to the LA Times. According to the paper, a "man allegedly high on one of the dispensaries' products plowed into a parked car on the shoulder of the 101 Freeway, killing the driver of the vehicle and paralyzing a CHP officer." The arrest, part of a larger bust, effectively shutters the couples' operations. Why are you making your weed so insane and dangerous, people? The press release has more details about the other arrests, as well. "The investigation covers THC outlets in Compton, Gardena and Los Angeles; the Western Caregiver Group in Los Angeles; in Los Angeles and Southern California Caregivers in Van Nuys." Pot smokers around L.A. have expressed feeling dazed and confused about today's announcement. [LA Times]