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CurbedWire: Beverly Hills Glassy Box, Little Tokyo Lofts Praises Buyers

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BEVERLY HILLS: This didn't make it into our Wilshire Boulevard post, but here's a look at what you'll see every day at dusk as you drive through Beverly Hills. It's an office/retail building currently under construction at 9378 Wilshire Boulevard and is described as a "30,000 square foot mixed-use (office over retail) complex located near the southeast corner of the Beverly Hills Triangle." We're told it's about 18 months away from completion. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: A reader points out the newest print ads for Little Tokyo Lofts (no link to ad available) really pander to buyers by invoking their ability to wait out the market. Writes our reader: "The ad shows a happy dude (who looks like he works out) in his new loft and the text reads: "You were smart enough to wait, now be smart enough to act. Congratulations, you've actually timed the market." Flattery as marketing. [Curbed Inbox]

Little Tokyo Lofts

420 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles, CA 90013