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Curbed National: The Yellow Rose of Williamsburg

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1) New York: A rendering of the proposed Rose Plaza on the River in South Williamsburg has made it into the wild. Features towers of 28, 24 and 18 stories to house every last hipster in the Burg.

2) New York: Frank Gehry and Forest City drop a tower of shiny metal, known as Beekman Tower, into Lower Manhattan. Its 76 stories of luxury rentals and a school. Ooh, shiny, undulating metal. Keep working your magic, Frank Gehry. [photo gallery]

3) San Francisco: Your future pod home awaits! Ground has broken on Arquitectonica's Trinity Place. For your pleasure, features 1,100 studio apartments, 800 one bedroom units, and 60k sq. ft. of ground floor retail. [photo gallery]