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Mystery: Space-Age Creatures Invade the Valley

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Want to take a guess at what you're looking at? This is a shot of what appears to be a kid's room in Studio City--it's from a listing for a four-bedroom home on Canton Place that's asking $1.175 million. If you're picturing Shia LaBeouf in some "Transformers" suburban reality, let's find out what this really is...

It's a painting, done more than 20 years ago, according to an assistant at the listing agent's office. There are various doors and drawers in the mural, some of which are highlighted by the arrows. As for the kid who lived in the room: "He's now in his 30s," she says, noting this is the first time that the house has been on the market since the mural was painted.

Obvious follow-up question: Who is this 30-something guy? And what kind of line of work is he in?
· 11764 Canton Pl [Redfin]