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CurbedWire: Noho14's Latest, Dreamworks Goes Downtown

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NORTH HOLLYWOOD: Wow, there she is. Sad NoHo14. A reader sends in this bit of news: "I tried the redline/orangeline combo from downtown today and when I got off I was greeted by the Noho 14 tower that jsm construction built. Did they ever decide to do rental instead of for sale? Is the rental office open? Whats the dish on the retail? Looks awful empty." Seems to confirm that the building is still a ghost tower. [Via Jeremy!] [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: More art for downtown kids. DreamWorks is behind a half-million dollar animation academy that'll open at the Skid Row non-profit Inner-City Arts. Via the press release: "Inner-City Arts, a non-profit arts education center founded in 1989 after a round of budget cuts decimated arts funding in public schools, is a unique oasis in the midst of Skid Row that invites LAUSD students to attend weekly classes in visual and performing arts. The new animation academy will dramatically expand the center's animation program, bringing in new instructors and equipment and allowing more elementary school students to learn about animation hands-on." [Curbed InBox]