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Curbed LA Pricespotter: Eye Candy in Los Feliz

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PriceSpotter comes early this week due to the long three day weekend. Today, we're giving you pictures, location, and specifications of a property. You're putting them together and giving us the ASKING PRICE. Submit your guesses in the comments, and tomorrow we'll reveal the listing.

What/Where: 5 BR, 4 BA villa in Los Feliz
Size: 5,000 +/- sq. ft on 24,000+ sq. ft. lot
Additional details: Cathedral beamed ceiling, fer Christ's sake. That's a million right there. Originally built in 1920's, this home features a completely remodeled kitchen, media room and 3 car garage. Plus, stained glass atrium which opens to a private courtyard. Spanish tiled pool and outdoor fireplace.

Guesses in the comments. No cheating, please.