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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Not Olivers, Santa Monica's The Village Approved, Rowena Restricted

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Thanks for the comment feedback to these excellent reader generated questions. We have at least some partial info for each one. Please feel free to email us at if you have new questions or updates. We also really appreciate digital pictures.

1) Hollywood: Our sister blog EATER LA investigated a bit further in regards to the Olivers/Forty Deuce mystery. "The name Oliver's was tossed around (no sign on the building as one Curbed reader states), but it probably won't be called that. Plus, there's already an Oliver's Cafe in Bev Hills, no? It will be a lounge, maybe with a food element, and Kris Keith from Spacecraft Design is working with the owners on design (obvs, from the picture above). Other than that, things are still a bit hush-hush, but we'll have the scoop soon enough."

2) Santa Monica: Our favorite Santa Monica NIMBY, Arthur "Hong Kong Density" Harris, was quoted in the article from the Santa Monica Daily Press [PDF], restating his belief that the 324-unit "The Village" project from Related Cos is too big and too dense. Backing up Mr. Harris was Councilman Bobby Shriver. But despite the nay-sayers, the project, pictured above, got Council Approval last week. It will include 160 affordable units, will be LEED Certified and will feature a pedestrian street and children's play area.

3) Los Feliz/Silver Lake: Commenter feedback indicates that the Rowena Reservoir was closed off at the behest of local NIMBYs and the Dept of Water and Power for post 9/11 safety reasons. However, the neighbors and Councilman LaBonge get the majority of the blame, say the readers. Via the comments: "It was designed to be gated off because that is what the neighbors wanted--they didn't want their view sullied by people in their park."