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CurbedWire: Renovations Done at Huntington, Trolley Karma Realized?

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SAN MARINO: The Huntington Art Gallery will open next Wednesday after a $20 million renovation. Wow, $20 million! Via the web site: "In addition to a thoroughly updated infrastructure, the refurbished mansion will include 5,300 additional square feet of public space, new interpretive components, and new gallery presentations of approximately 1,200 objects of European art from the 15th to the early 20th century. The renovation also will bring to light original architectural features that previously had been obscured." [Curbed InBox]

GLENDALE: Today is the day that the trolley at Americana at Brand was supposed to be back in operation. It broke down and has been out for at least a week. Oddly, there was also that trolley crash at the Grove last week. Hey, remember weeks ago, when we stopped by and took photos of Americana and the construction guy asked us not to publish photos of the trolley before its official unveiling because he believed in "trolley karma?" His words, not ours. But then Americana developer Rick Caruso himself came by and said we could take photos. So we did. And posted them on the Internet. And now...Just saying. [Curbed Staff]