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New Design Standards Set for Westchester, Venice

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(Pictured: Lincoln Boulevard in Venice as it looks now)

The City Council has moved ahead with "community-friendly" (read: awesome) design standards for new buildings in Venice and Westchester, councilman Bill Rosendahl announced today. Expect more pedestrian-friendly, urban visages along Lincoln Boulevard from the Santa Monica border to Maxella Avenue, and on Manchester Avenue in Westchester. The Community Design Overlay districts (CDOs) will set new guidelines for future developments, like enforcing new buildings to be constructed closer to sidewalks, forcing parking lots to be underground or hidden in the back, putting ground-floor retail in parking lot structures, and making sure 60% of new storefront space consists of windows. There's also a lot of tree planting and a designation that upper floors of buildings should have design features like columns and balconies; sculptures and landscaping are also encouraged. Drive-thru businesses will be banned, except for gas stations and car washes. Whoa—can we get this citywide?