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Reader Rant: Mid-City Has Good Starter Homes, Few Snobs

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A reader takes offensive at that starter home example--a home in South LA for $365,000--featured in this morning's post about more home owners being able to afford to jump into the market. "Curbed, you always look at the worst case scenarios." He points to two listings in the the Mid City area, near Venice/Washington/La Brea (Ballona Headlands). One is listed at $299,000, the other is $425,000 and both are in the gallery. "Mid City is relatively safe and its central location makes it a convenient place to live for practically anyone employed on the south side of Mullholland. I bought a place in the area approximately two years ago after a long-established rental history in the Miracle Mile. Given, it's not an area that snobs would be satisfied, but if they're looking for entry-level housing...what business do they have being snobs?" Hang your heads in shame, snobs.
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