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CurbedWire: Culver Studios Plaza in Rendered Glory

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CULVER CITY: Culver City studio workers, rejoice. Remember that little plaza planned for Culver City? This is the building across the way, the three-story mixed-use project Culver Studios Plaza. It's located across Ince Boulevard from the Trader Joe's. A rep for Gensler fills us in: "Our building will be a mixed-use project with retail/restaurants on the ground floor and offices for Culver Studios on the upper two floors. Washington Boulevard - south of the building - will be closed off to cars to create a pedestrian-oriented urban walkway connecting to the Pacific Theaters. The "Culver" sign shown is an original from the Culver Theater (now Doolittle). There's another on the other side. The signs have been in storage and are being refurbished for reuse. Ground breaking will be late 2008." This project joins numerous other developments going on in Culver City, including the Ice Cube office building and the possible market. [Image via Gensler] [Curbed Staff]