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Rumblings & Bumblings: Olivers, The Village in Santa Monica and Rowena Reservoir

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Please, if you have an answer or a partial guess, leave a comment or send an email. Your neighbors desperately need answers to these questions. Updates, comments, tips, and general queries are also always welcome. Responses posted this Thursday.

[Rowena Reservoir, via flickr user patrick cates]

Update: We're still eagerly awaiting the call back from the Scientologists regarding the busted up facade of their building on Fountain. Come on Scienos, we need help and only you can help us.

1) Hollywood: Who is Oliver and what has he done with Forty Deuce? "Any idea what's going in the old Forty Deuce Space? They finally painted the boards with a sign that says 'Olivers'."

2) Santa Monica: A reader queries if The Village has finally made it out of the woods and if construction is nigh. "What is the current status of "The Village" at Santa Monica site (being built, rented, sold?) Will units be for sale or just a low-income rental property and when can they be occupied? Is there a number to contact?"

3) Los Feliz/Silver Lake: We're always surprised about everything in LA. This fellow was surprised about inaccessible open space. "I recently looked at a house in Silverlake that was around the corner from the Rowena Reservoir. I was surprised to see that such a beautiful park was not accessible to the public. Is there an environmental reason for this? Or is it NIMBYism gone crazy? Is there a chance that it could be opened in the future?"

We await your answers in the comments...