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Downtown's Angels Knolls Plaza Getting Pretty Floor, Wifi

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Angels Knolls Plaza, you're getting a little love. Slated for completion by June 30, the plaza next to Angels Flight on Hill Street in Downtown is getting new benches and trees, while artist Jacci Den Hartog has designed a zig zaggy-looking design for the plaza "floor." There will also be wifi at the plaza, which seems to be part of a downtown wifi push recently covered by Blogdowntown (look for three-antenna radios installed on streetlights).

Located near Pershing Square, the area is designed to encourage more pedestrian strolling, Sharon Gi, assistant project manager at the CRA tells Curbed.

As for the grassy area above the plaza--and what looks to be a popular place for local homeless--there are no immediate plans to do any renovations to the area (despite the presence of a big CRA sign and what looks to be at least one new streetlamp). “We are considering the feasibility of going out with an RFP [request for proposal from developers] to see if there is any interest in the site,” says Gi.

Interestingly, this area was supposed to be part of Cal Plaza, and was originally planned as an office site. But that part of the deal fell through in the ‘90s, according to Gi. Meanwhile, it's still a vague "soon" status on when the Angels Flight ride--that little train trip next door--will begin running again, according to the Downtown News.
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