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Dirt Moves at Emhurst Hotel Site. Progress at Last!

We're not asking for much developers, just some movement of dirt every now and then. Maybe a lone steel beam propped upright. A crusty looking bulldozer parked nearby. Something to signal progress. Curbed reader Matthew emails in his first hand account of possible action at the site of the Emhurst International Hotel in Koreatown: "Upon my routine walk down 7th St. from Ralph's, I was ecstatic to find that some dirt is finally getting shuffled around at the ol' Emhurst lot between Hobart and Harvard. Could it be that Korean money is avoiding the slump in K-Town?! Will we be getting a 20-odd-story of gaudy Asia-techture soon?! Pretty please?!" We found no new updates on the hotel beyond FridayinLA's flickr picture of dirt moving last December.
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