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Tourists Refuse to Leave Virtual Disneyland

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The Wall Street Journal reports there's drama behind a decision to shut down an online site/game called Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK), a game which basically mimics the layout of Disneyland.. Disney launched the free site in 2005, but now plans to shut it down tomorrow night and "throw everyone out," according to the WSJ, a decision that has led to real-life protests. OK, only about a dozen people showed up recently outside the gates of Disneyland to protest. On the site, users can create avatars, explore the park, chat, and gain points that can be used to buy items in real life. But this being a Disney site, things are very squeaky clean and G-rated. An online site called Save VMK has collected 20,000 signatures, while Flickr photos of this Disney world are available. On the site itself, a posted note asks users to share their favorite VMK memories. [WSJ]